Tier II Sex Offender Granted Judicial Release

Jeffrey A. Johns, Jr., sentenced December 11, 2012 for multiple convictions of Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor, has been granted judicial release from prison after serving 604 days of his 4 year prison term.  Assistant Prosecutor Matthew Suellentrop filed a written response to the early release request by the Defendant and “strongly” objected to the motion.  A  Judicial Release hearing was scheduled and held in the Clinton County Common Pleas Court on March 18, 2014,  where  the mother of the minor victim provided a victim impact statement objecting to the release and Assistant Prosecutor Matthew Suellentrop again objecting to the judicial release of the defendant.

Johns has been granted an early release from prison and will instead be sanctioned to 5 years of community control sanctions under the Intense Supervision Program.  Johns will be required to continue his reporting requirements as a Tier II sexual offender and could be sentenced to a total prison term of 4 years if he violates the sanctions.  The Clinton County Sheriff’s Office provides information on its website regarding the location of sexual offenders in Clinton County.



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