Civil Division

civilcourt1The Civil Division of the Prosecutor’s Office is legal advisor and representative to all the county elected officials, departments, agencies and boards as well as those agencies the Prosecutor is statutorily obligated to represent. The Civil Division represents the Commissioners, Auditor’s Office, Board of Elections, etc. as well as the Airport Authority, Township Boards, Public Libraries, and Boards of Zoning and Appeals.

Two Assistant Prosecutors are assigned to this division: Andrew McCoy, Danielle Sollars, and Katie Wright.   They serve as legal counsel, consult and advise in regards to personnel issues, public records, open meetings, zoning, township issues, and assist in the collection of delinquent taxes such as property tax and hotel lodging tax. They also provide written legal opinions upon the request of any one of these clients and provide representation inside the courtroom and out in areas of employment, civil rights, contract review and enforcement, tax recoupment, and land issues as well as legal counsel regarding the implementation of programs and policies throughout the county.

Kelly Shoemaker and Shannon Smart offer administrative assistance and support in this division.