Criminal Division

scales1The Prosecutor’s Office is most commonly known for its prosecution of felony crimes.  Three Assistant Prosecutors are assigned to handle these cases:   Andrew McCoy, Katie Wright, and Ryan Houston.  Felony crimes, such as murder, rape, felonious assault, drug trafficking, and burglary, are punishable by more than one year in jail or prison.  The assistant prosecutors are responsible for these cases from arraignment to trial and sentencing of the defendants.  This division also researches the law, write briefs and present oral arguments to the Twelfth District Court of Appeals and the Ohio Supreme Court when convictions and legal issues have been presented for appeal.

The assistant prosecutors handle felony cases in the Clinton County Common Pleas Court and the Clinton County Municipal Court as well as conduct the Grand Jury which meets twice per month in order to review and/or indict felony cases.  The criminal division provides 24 hour legal assistance/advice to all law enforcement agencies in Clinton County and work closely with law enforcement to seek justice in every case.

Kelly Shoemaker provides administrative assistance and support in this division.  Bexlie Beam provides victim witness services to felony crime victims and administrative assistance in the division.